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    Shenghua soup is mainly made of angelica, chuanxiong, peach heart, roasted ginger and roasted licorice. Among them, Angelica can nourish and nourish blood, Chuanxiong can promote and activate blood, and Taoxin can break blood and remove stasis. This is actually an ancient recipe. It is recorded in the medical book "Yi Lin Zhuan Yao" in the Qing Dynasty: "When a woman gives birth, her blood is broken, and she is exhausted by exertion, and her qi is also exhausted.

    Shenghua Decoction is a blood-regulating agent, which has the functions of nourishing blood and removing blood stasis, warming the meridian and relieving pain. Indications for blood deficiency and cold coagulation, blood stasis block syndrome. Postpartum lochia is not good, lower abdomen cold pain. It is commonly used in clinical treatment of postpartum uterine involution poor, postpartum uterine contraction pain, placenta residue, etc., which belong to postpartum blood deficiency and cold coagulation, blood stasis and internal resistance.

    Shenghua Decoction is a traditional Chinese medicine formula. "Biochemical" means to generate new blood and dissolve old stasis. Shenghua Decoction comes from Fu Qingzhu Nuke, a famous medical scientist in the Qing Dynasty, Fu Shan. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that if the congestion does not go away and new blood is not produced, taking Shenghua decoction for pregnant women will help to eliminate congestion in the body and promote postpartum recovery. In confinement meals, Shenghua soup is also known as belly pressure meal, which means the first bite of food after giving birth, so it has the reputation of "the first soup after childbirth".

    Product Description:

    Specially prepared for mothers, "Dr. Zhuang Shuqi's Special Compound" made from a variety of high-quality formulas is one of the must-have aids for postpartum mothers to prepare for confinement! It can enhance uterine smooth muscle contraction, anti-thrombotic, anti-anemia, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Shenghua Decoction can treat postpartum blood deficiency and cold, abdominal pain caused by stasis of the uterus, postpartum lochia that cannot flow out, and cold pain in the lower abdomen. Vegans can eat. 15 packs/box

    Ingredients: Angelica sinensis, red dates, Chuanxiong, peach kernel, wolfberry, Shudi, licorice, black ginger, cinnamon twig, motherwort, red peony root, safflower

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      沖泡方式:一天一包.以300CC熱水(或熱的廣和坐月子水) 加蓋沖泡約10分鐘後,分次飲用。



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