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Pelvic Bone Treatment

盆骨是連接我們上下半身的樞紐,很多媽媽們認為「生完大左成個size」,除了收肚,盆骨修復都好重要。為了適應胎兒的發育,骨盆會被撐大撐寬,令身體橫向肥胖,贅肉積聚在腰間,小腹突出,導致pat pat 越來越大!







The pelvis serves as the connector between the upper and lower halves of our bodies. Many mothers believe that after giving birth, their bodies have grown larger, which is why it is critical to repair the pelvis in addition to belly tightening. To accommodate the fetus’s development, the pelvis is enlarged and widened, causing the body to become horizontally obese, with excess flesh accumulating around the waist, protruding from the belly, and the hips growing ever larger!

The distorted pelvis will cause the body to be skewed, compressing the muscles and nerves, resulting in problems such as short and long legs and obese ankles, which will have a significant effect on the mother’s body shape and physique, and may even cause coldness in the uterus, urine leakage, vaginal flaccidity, or cold sexual desire; this is also why mothers frequently experience back pain and pubic pain.

The postpartum pelvic bone restoration treatment is based on the relationship of the pelvic linkage system, and involves the use of unique techniques to massage and unblock the meridians in order to restore the pelvic bone shape. This is then combined with the abdominal belt fixed for 6-8 hours to reinforce the restoration of the entire body’s conditioning.

Postnatal Pelvic Bone

The Restored Pelvis


產後修身完美組合:紥肚+盆骨修復先矯正 ‧ 後閉合 ‧ 再固定

The perfect combination for postnatal slimming: belly binding + pelvic bone repair


In comparison to the widely used belly binding technique, which is not comprehensive, it should be combined with “pelvic bone repair therapy” to achieve the ideal body shape, restore the lower body line, and improve the poor posture that previously caused back pain and other problems.


理想期: 產後6個月至一年半內 

有效期: 產後一年半至六年內 


Golden period: 42 days to 6 months postpartum

Ideal period: 6 months to one and a half years after giving birth

Validity period: within one and a half to six years after giving birth

Consolidation period: Repair period

不只產後婦女,就算是沒有生產過的女仕也可做盤骨修復,因為盤骨變形除了 生產後導致外,日常生活習慣也是主要因素(例如:翹腳坐、長時間坐姿不正、穿高跟鞋或窩在柔軟梳化等)。產後盤骨修復療程是以骨盆聯動系統的關係 進行的手法恢復, 以全身調理方法鞏固修復, 有4大重點:

1. 獨特的手法按摩腹部及背部按摩 2. 疏通經絡
3. 恥骨及盤骨復位及矯正
4. 束腹帶固定6-8小時

以下情況不適合盤骨修形療程: 月經期間、懐孕婦女、分娩後2星期內、老人/18歲以下小孩、小兒麻痹者、嚴 重皮膚病、骨骼疏鬆、各種癌症患者、盆骨受傷/脊椎受傷人仕、背部/盆骨/大 腿肌肉/關節或韌帶受傷人仕、腰間盤突出患者、類風濕性關節炎

Not only postpartum women, but even women who have never given birth can also undergo tracheal bone repair, because the deformation of the trachea is not only caused by postpartum, but also the main factors of daily life (for example: sitting with feet up, sitting incorrectly for a long time, wearing high heels or Nest in soft combing, etc.). The postpartum pelvic bone repair treatment is a manual recovery based on the relationship of the pelvic linkage system, and the whole body conditioning method is used to consolidate and repair. There are 4 major points:

1. Unique manipulation of abdominal and back massage 2. Unblock the meridians

3. Reduction and correction of pubic and pelvic bones

4. The girdle is fixed for 6-8 hours

The following conditions are not suitable for the treatment of bone reshaping: during menstruation, pregnant women, within 2 weeks after childbirth, the elderly/children under 18 years old, polio, severe skin diseases, osteoporosis, various cancer patients, pelvic injury / spinal injury People, people with back/pelvis/thigh muscle/joint or ligament injuries, people with lumbar disc herniation, rheumatoid arthritis

療程時間: 60分鐘


Treatment time: 60 minutes

Price:5 times $625($125/each)、10 times $1150 ($115/each)

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