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Get to know Guanghe Confinement Meal


  "Guanghe Confinement Food Delivery Service" is based on the complete theoretical basis of confinement confinement by Ms. Zhuang Shuqi, a medical doctor in Japan, and was personally verified and improved by her granddaughter "Zhang Huiru" for a better professional services.

        The meal has all the nutritions that the mother needs for a day, including staple food, snacks, vegetables, beverages, and medicated meals, all according to Dr. Zhuang Shuqi's original and effective confinement theory, and in a professional way, exclusively using "Guanghe Confinement Confinement". Confinement Water” prepares meals and delivers them to the mother’s home, hospital or confinement center by a 5oC refrigerated special vehicle every day, once a day, before 10 am, all year round, so that the mother can sit comfortably and correctly confinement.

      The "Guanghe Group" founded by teacher "Zhang Huiru" officially started its service in the Northern District of Taiwan in 1996. By 1999, a service network had been established throughout Taiwan. In 2001, it began to move towards enterprise-oriented and institutionalized operation. Central kitchens were set up in the north, middle and south, and the perfect management and system allowed consumers to eat safely and healthily.

       In 2003, Guanghe Group began to build a global network, successfully entered the North American market, and successfully completed the opening of the Guanghe Health Management Agency in Los Angeles, USA. And in 2006, actively expand the market in mainland China, and promote the correct confinement theory of Dr. Zhuang Shuqi to the world.

Since September 2007, Guanghe Group has invested in the establishment of the North, Central and South Enterprise Headquarters. The plants and equipment of the three central kitchens are their own assets. At the same time, they have passed the HACCP and ISO22000 international quality double certification, and the complete central kitchen equipment and administrative The management building, which has become a benchmark in the industry, has the following product features:


  • 理念傳承~國寶莊淑旂

  • 永續經營~全年無休

  • 服務範圍~涵蓋全加拿大

  • 企業化經營~專業系統管理

  • 專業設備~央廚、車隊、系統

  • 團隊陣容~調理師、物流、後勤

  • 金流多元化~線上、線下交易


  • 莊淑旂博士~坐月子理論

  • 外孫女章惠如~體驗成功

  • 各大新聞媒體~爭相報導

  • 知名主播藝人~一致讚譽

  • 廣和獨門配方~階段食補

  • 一對一調理師~貼心呵護

  • 廣和坐月子水~獨家使用


  • 引進台灣廣和月子餐先進技術

  • 在地央廚,每日新鮮現做

  • 專屬車隊,5oC冷藏宅配

  • 中央廚房,設備完善

  • 餐點微波即食,專業便利

  • 歡迎親臨並參與媽媽教室

  • 慢火烘培麻油~不上火!!

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