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Painless Lactation / Lactation Massage Treatment


Breast milk is the most precious gift you can give your child. The golden period for colostrum is 2-3 days after delivery, but for the majority of mothers, the road to exclusive breastfeeding is not easy, and the process is painful and difficult. Due to the modern lifestyle, mothers may experience breastfeeding difficulties for a variety of reasons, including a lack of milk, decreased milk flow, breast pain, breast blockage, and mastitis. As a result, the lactation consultant must assess the breastfeeding problems and needs of individual mothers before providing tailored advice and assistance. Following lactation, you will be able to unclog your milk glands and alleviate breastfeeding difficulties, allowing you to avoid the pain of stone-headed breasts and gradually increasing your milk supply.


Lactation Service for Newborn Babies
Postnatal Lactation Service
Acute Mastitis Service
Milk Pumping / Breastfeeding Soup Home Delivery Service

General Procedures:


1. 面診咨詢:了解媽媽在餵哺上遇到的問題及成因

1. Face-to-face consultation: to gain an understanding of the difficulties and causes associated with breastfeeding for mothers


2. 乳房按摩及針對性穴位刺激

2. Breast massage and acupuncture point stimulation


3. 配合獨有手法,無痛排奶,𣈱通乳腺

3. Painless milk drainage with unique techniques to open up the mammary glands



4. 餵哺及上奶湯水指導

4. Feeding and breastfeeding soup guidance




​Treatment time:60-75 minutes

Price:5 times $500($100/each)、

10 times $900 ($90/ each)

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