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Cowa Postpartum meals service

During the first three days after the labour, it is recommended to take the herbal pork liver predominantly, which replenishes the nutrients required by the mother and promotes the metabolism and discharge of lochia and blood circulation.


The second week focuses on the recovery of the internal organs. Pork kidneys can help the uterus shrink to its original shape. Pork kidney is rich in nutrition, containing 15.4% protein, 3.2% fat, higher iron and zinc and B vitamins than the general meat, is a better protein and vitamin supplement food, very good for postpartum nutrition, incredibly high iron, with pig liver, is one of the best food for maternal blood.


In the third week, mom should make up for all the lost energy & blood. Usage of burnt ginger, Cowa sesame oil, and Cowa postpartum water could help in complete nourishment. The sesame oil chicken cooked with fresh chicken is rich in protein & the meat is easier to digest & absorb.

After delivery, the body has not fully contracted, and fatigue has not fully recovered; it is recommended to eat more pork liver in the first week, pork kidney in the second week, and chicken dishes in the third week.

Our Menu



Assist your digestive system. Breakfast is vital for moms since it can help you recover faster, enhance milk supply, and improve your overall health.


Main supplment

Our Cowa postpartum water and sesame oil will be used as the major supplement, with pork liver, pork kidney, and chicken as the main ingredients. Each element serves a certain purpose. Pork liver promotes lochia discharge, while pork kidney aids in uterine recovery. 

Chinese herbal supplements

Red dates tea:Reheat before drinking;consume in several times a day

Shenghua Decoction:Promote lochia discharge and blood circulation


Postpartum drink

Cowa postpartum water containing hawthorn, barley, longan, red bean, and other ingredients is used as a replacement for daily drinking water to maintain the body hydrated after breastfeeding. Each chemical has a specific function, such as edoema relief. 


Main course

Consume staple food and the main course together for lunch & dinner. 



Stew is significant for the postpartum mom cause it contain the nutrition that mom need to recover and can help the lactation. 



Dessert is something that everyone enjoys. Our dessert may aid in the improvement of lactation in mothers. The reason for this is that sugar and water are required to produce breast milk. Sugar can also make mom cheerful, which is beneficial to lactation.


Lactation Supplment

Breastfeeding not only allows mom and baby to become closer, but it also has health benefits for both you and your kid.

Our Service 

​We inherit the theory of the first female doctor in Taiwan, Dr. Chuang, Shu Chi, and use our herbal recipes to provide more delicious and varied dishes that meet the taste buds of modern pregnant mothers.


Every day, freshly prepared and cooked in a certified kitchen. Our meals all follow Dr. Shu-Lien Chuang's theory of low salt, low fat, and no MSG. Over a million mothers have benefited from the menu, which has been in operation for over 30 years. 

We have a delivery service that will arrive at your location before 10:00 a.m.  

We also can provide a vegetarian postpartum meal or other dietary restrictions. 

  • If i have dietary restriction, can i order your service?"
    Yes, you can. We will have a converstation with you to see how can we help you best with the restriction.
  • Is there any delivery fee?
    Yes, there is the delivery fee. The delivery fee is caculated like this: From our kitchen to your place, 1 KM per $1, and we will cover the first 5 Km
  • Can i sample the meal before i order?
    Yes, you can. We encurage moms to sample our meals. The sample meal Url is below:

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